About Sarah

To put it simply, Sarah just loves to move! Her passion for fitness started early and soon became a career when exercise started taking up all of her free time.

Having suffered with back pain all her life, in 2016 Sarah had spinal surgery and for a horrifying moment thought she was going to have to give up her fitness career, then she found Pilates! Pilates has made such a difference in Sarah’s life and she now specialises in lower back pain, making her a stickler for correct technique and posture. Sarah is passionate about not just exercising but doing it well!

Once described as “Tigger on acid” Sarah loves motivating people to get maximum benefit out of the time they have. People have such busy schedules and Sarah’s classes will push the fitness boundaries so you leave looking great, feeling amazing and with time left over for the things that make you happy!

Sarah's Classes

  • CYC:D for Cycle: Beat
  • CYC:D for HIIT
  • CYC:D for Pilates

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